Our Services

A community stands in front of the barn walls they have just helped raise. Image is stylistic, being remade from an old photograph.

How can we help you?​

Strategy and Planning

  • For the any new and existing Open Source and community building efforts.
  • Partner with your other consultants, as needed.

Product Development

  • Full-lifecycle Open Source-based product development from planning to market.
  • Investment consulting for Open Source-based products.

Analysis and Assessment​

  • Analysis and assessment of existing Open Source projects.
  • Organizational assessments around Open Source readiness, maturity, and risk-to-reward stance.

Training and Guidance​

  • Full-range of training customized to your organizational needs.
  • Participation guidance and coaching.
  • Partnering with your other consultants, as needed.

Hands-on Community Management​ and Leadership

These are typically longer engagements and directly related to a custom community architecture the OCA Group has designed for you.

Leadership Coaching and Practice Training

From project maintainers to members of the Board, we bring our breadth and depth of experience to your side when taking actions and making decisions seemingly small or large.

If you are going to invest people, money, and time into Open Source projects, it is worth making sure your leadership has the training and support they need to obtain value in the most sustainable way. Our coaching can help you get there.

Read more about OCA customized coaching and training.

Approach to Match Your Need

  • Our expertise lies in connecting your unique needs with external cultural and technical practices. Here are examples of what an engagement and services provided could entail for these different types of organization:
    • Start-up businesses
    • Small-to-medium businesses (SMB) (TBD)
    • Large corporations and enterprises (TBD)
    • Local City and County Governments (TBD)
    • State Governments (TBD)
    • Federal and National Governments (TBD)
    • Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) (TBD)
    • Universities and Academic Institutions (TBD)
    • Research Institutions (TBD)
    • Non-Profit Organizations (US IRS 501(c)(3) and others) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) (TBD)
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