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A split image showing two diagram or information flow models. On the left is a hierarchical model with everything flowing from once central node and branching downward to other nodes. On the right is a social network with information flowing freely between and across the space node-to-node.
Three Lego-like blocks are stacked with the bottom two butted perpendicularly, and third piece on top connecting them together across the L-butt. The green brick on the bottom left reads "APACHE", the red brick on the bottom right reads "GPL", and the top connecting brick reads "MPL". These all signify three well-known Open Source licenses.

Whatever your interest is in Open Source, we add value from ideation to production.

With over two decades of hands-on experience creating and growing Open Source communities and establishing Open Source ecosystems, our expert consultants can:
– Increase efficiency in your Open Source use and participation
– Decrease short- and long-term sustainable maintenance costs
– Design projects and communities that can scale into ecosystems
– Define and measure legal and supply chain risks

Your needs and well-being are the beacon to orient our guidance and work. We provide our services to you without favor to any particular solution, nor loyalty to any particular product.

– Our Consulting Ethic


Be your trusted consultant by providing useful and honest guidance — and hands-on work — toward your specific needs around Open Source and Open Collaboration.


We assist you in understanding and participating in the modern Open digital environment in the most meaningful way for you and your organization.

Our Team

Karsten Wade in dark blue and orange striped glasses, wearing a houndstooth sport jacket and blue-toned patterned collared shirt.
Karsten Wade​ (@quaid)
Founder & Managing Consultant

Karsten has over 20 years leading and working hands-on in a range of Open Source projects in the private, public, academic, research, and non-profit spaces. His nearly three decade career in IT includes almost six years in three professional service organizations.

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