Customized coaching and training for Open Source strategy and practices

These product bundles give you a flexible way to get started with personal coaching, personal training, and team training around Open Source software (OSS) community strategy and management.

By purchasing a package in advance, you receive a discounted rate and then have a pool of hours and activities for you, your team, or for across your project or projects.

Coaching and training is customized and delivered by an expert community management (CM) or community architect (CA) consultant. Where CM consultants focus on the “what” and “how” of practices, the CA consultant adds the “why” component.

SAFE:  Yes — As with all of our professional services, we are open to using SAFE agreements as part or whole of compensation.

NGO:  Yes — A discounted rate may be negotiated for non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGOs), including academic and research institutions.

OSS Project Leader Coaching Package

Eight (8) hours for US$1600:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions with OCA founder Karsten Wade
  • Ideal for project leaders and maintainers who:
    • May not have as much breadth of Open Source experience, or
    • May have difficult challenges where good counsel and coaching can help, and
    • Are looking at issues of community growth, scale, and sustainability
  • Useful for addressing community strategy and leadership
  • Begins an ongoing relationship, built at the speed of trust
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) may be involved, on a case-by-case basis

OSS Practice Training Package

Six (6) hours per project for US$1200:

  • 1:few practice training sessions with a CM consultant
  • Two (2) hours of project intake and assessment
    • Project leadership to identify areas of known concern to OCA
    • OCA assesses project for areas of concern
    • OCA prepares a verbal assessment based on findings
  • Four (4) hours of side-by-side effort working with one or several project leaders or maintainers in an area of the project (virtual meeting)

Project Crosstraining Packages

These sessions are useful for helping teams as a group with aspects of their Open Practices.

  • X hours of project intake that includes interviews, assessments, and planning
  • Y hours of discussion and practice with entire team and/or community

Project Fitness Test — Fit and Feel

Twelve (12) hours per project for US$2500:

  • Initial project health and fitness assessment followed with a 1:many training session by a CA consultant
  • Four (4) hours of intake and assessment
  • Eight (8) hours of discussion and practice
    • The hours may arranged in blocks of two (2), four (4), six (6), or eight (8) hours
  • User experience (UX) focused:
    • What is the experience of your users and how can it be improved with Open Practices?
      • “This Open Source software looks interesting, how do I try it out?”
      • “Am I successful?”
      • “Will I return?”

Project Fitness Test — Make and Create

Twenty four (24) hours per project for US$5000:

  • Deeper project health and fitness assessment, with a personalized coaching and training session for the whole project community
  • Eight (8) hours of intake and assessment, may include short interviews across functional areas
  • Sixteen (16) hours of discussion and practice
    • The hours may arranged in blocks of two (2), four (4), six (6), or eight (8) hours
  • Developer and contributor experience focused:
    • What does an inexperienced contributor find if yours is their first attempt at contributing?
    • What does an experienced contributor interested in working on your project find?
  • Includes some of the “Fit and Feel” UX-focused fitness test

Project Assessment

Four to five (4 to 5) days for US$10,000:

  • Full analysis and assessment of all aspects of a project, with a written report and presentation walking through the report
  • Assessment includes complete health and fitness test and analysis of user and contributor experience
  • Written report of the full assessment, including all findings, recommendations, and conclusions
  • Presentation slidedeck that walks through the report
  • Report delivery and presentation by consultant in a recorded online presentation and discussion

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