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The definition of Open community management is the caretaking and stewarding of people and the interesting things they want to work on together.

– Karsten Wade, co-author of The Open Source Way, the guidebook for community management
A Venn diagram, with one circle showing pairs of dots, the other showing individual partial circles with the bottom quarter of the circle visible. Where the two big circles cross, the two sets combine to form happy faces of two eyes over a smile.

Do you have experience and skills from Open Source project communities doing roles such as:
– Community manager?
– Developer advocate?
– Event manager?
– Tech writer/editor?
– Marketing?
– Design and/or Design Thinking?
– Open platform operator?
– Other non-coding-focused roles?

If you are passionate about enabling users and contributors of Open Source technologies, our clients may need your skills and expertise.

Our expert consultants assess the client’s needs, then prepare a proposal using a specific team from our extended field of contractors.

If you want to be one of our field of contractors, fill out our interest form and attach your full resume, we’ll reach out to schedule a discussion.

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