What to do at SCaLE 21x? Sunday edition

After Saturday — always the longest and most schedule-filled day at SCaLE — it’s nice to cruise into Sunday, where the talks start later in the morning and the day is a few hours shorter.

At 11:45 in room 101, George-Andrei Iosif presents on “The Open Source Fortress“. George-Andrei and I met yesterday and had a good conversation about the risks and rewards of psuedonymity in Open Source projects.

Also at 11:45 in Ballroom F is something right in the center of the work I’m doing with Kwaai, with Daphne Muller talking on “What you need to know about responsible innovation and AI-ethics for open source projects.” There is a growing movement of concern around all the aspects of AI and Open Source, I’m looking forward to learning more from Daphne’s expert POV.

If you love your technical talks, my friend Neal Gompa is a great presenter and is talking about “Popping kernels for Linux distributions” at 11:45 in Room 106.

After lunch at 1:45 in Ballroom H is Guinevere Saenger talking about “Container Automation With Docker: No More Shelling Out!” I met Guinevere several SCaLEs back when she had recently joined the Kubernetes community, and I think her story is an excellent example of how that community has centered access and inclusion in their community growth strategy.

Digging into the money of Open Source at 11:45 in Ballroom C is the inimitable Duane O’Brien to tell us about “10 Years Of Open Source Funding Trends: A Deep Dive“.

Another interesting one at 1:45 in Ballroom F is “Training AI on Your Own Data” with Nuri Halperin. This is one of the aspects of personal AI that is already in our own hands, if you don’t mind hacking a bit.

Also at 1:45 in Ballroom B is “Growing Up with Open Source” with Nova King. This looks to be a very friendly talk for beginners to Open Source, helping demistify the process and empowering the individual with knowledge and actions to take.

Closing out the 1:45 block in room 212 is my friend and former CentOS Board colleague Davide Cavalca talking about reproducible builds, in particular “Making Fedora Linux (more) reproducible“. Davide has been involved in running CentOS Linux and now CentOS Stream at scale as the fleet OS for Meta/Facebook, so he brings significant experience and need for immutability and reproducibility.

There we have it, folks! The last round of talks for SCaLE 21x. With a tiny tear in the corner of my eye, I am getting ready to say so-long to another SCaLE, while looking ahead to next year to wonder what I am going to be submitting as talks or planning for workshops, and wondering what all of you are going to be up to that I’ll get to hear more about.

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