Full-lifecycle consulting for your Open Source needs

An expert POV for strategy, planning, and execution

Find it or create it?​

How do you find and vet a project to join? How do you know if or when you should start a project?

We help you decide and plan when joining an existing Open Source project or starting new ones — from business and product strategy, to legal and supply chain risk considerations.

Open Source Program Office (OSPO)

If you are considering or already planning an OSPO, you may have discovered how a one-size OSPO model doesn’t fit all organizations.

We listen to your needs and assess how an OSPO can fulfill those, then provide expertise to create a sustainable OSPO that fits your organization.

Community Interaction

The core activities of Open community management are caretaking and stewarding the people and the project.

We create a community architecture plan for your community needs, and the consultation you’ll need to implement and iterate on the plan going forward.

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What is an Open Community Architect?

​Old is new again

Decades of Open Source changing the way we all develop software has taught many lessons. One of the core lessons is, we’re just humans doing things together. And something as old as humanity is the cleverness and determination that arises from an organized, motivated group of people.

But while it’s true your experienced Open Source maintainers may already know much of what to do correctly to start and run a project, the same is true for a carpenter or general contractor who builds their own house. It may come out great for them, but you still might want to have an architect design things correctly from the start.

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Do you have experience and skills from Open Source project communities such as:
– Community manager?
– Developer advocate?
– Event manager?
– Other non-coding-focused roles?

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